Corfe Castle

And so our annual club trip arrived and went in seemingly no time at all, but the first full day of me being there saw me heading for Corfe for sunrise. Having never been to the location, I just narrowly missed the sunrise due to trying to find the right spot, but I know for next time. Once on location, I wasn't going to waste the early start, so started snapping away first taking straight forward landscape images, then it occurred to me, this mist in the valley would look great in a panoramic shot, and here is the result. It's not bad, even if I do say so myself, at least it's pleasing to my eye. Met a couple of friendly photographers up there who merrily took the mick out of me missing the sunrise, but it was all good natured banter and they shared what they had got, I'm not jealous.... honest.

I'm sure there were nuts here yesterday

This may or may not be the same squirrel as my last post, they were running from all directions it was hard to follow how many I'd seen or whether it was just one or two darting around. Another in the "furry bullet" series. :) This squirrel is a little darker as it was in the shade this time.


This is Rustle, so named because I heard him among the leaves way before I saw him. A skittish little fellah who posed very briefly on my visit to Brownsea island. I have nicknamed red squirrels as "furry bullets", because most of the time they were running around so fast I was unable to catch a shot, this and a couple of other shots were luck more than anything.