Birds of Prey





A small collection of shots taken at an outside event flying and posing captive birds of prey

Tawny Owl

A wonderful NOPS day out with un-restricted access to some beautiful birds of prey and no silly tuition getting in the way. Ths was just one of the many birds we saw and photographed on the day. More will follow.


Barn Owl wondering what all the fuss is about with a load of photographers around it on our birds of prey shoot.

Bridlepath Bird

Barn Owl posing for a load of photographers


Tawny Owl posing for a load of photographers

Barn Owl Lift-off

Barn Owl takes flight towards it's handler to receive a tasty treat.

Barn Owl In Flight

A quick squawk as thos lovely creature flew to its handler for a tasty treat.


Excited BarnOwl approaching its handler.

Happy Bird

A seemingly quite cheerful Barn Owl in flight.


A Kestrel who seemed intently focused on something crawling on the floor.

Kestrel Tracker

One of the smaller birds of prey that we shot with, but very fast in flight. Managed to catch this one in flight and you can see the radio tracker on its back in case the bird is lost.

Downward swing

Kestrel in flight, showing the radio tracker on its back.

Long Eared Owl

Sitting and posing for a bunch of photographers, one of the bigger birds of the day.

Long Eared Owl in flight

The eyes on this bird get me, they are so big and orange, you'd not want to see them on a dark night.

Angry Bird

Harris Hawk focused on some turkey his handler is holding.

Harris Landing

A Harris Hawk on final approach to some tasty turkey.

Harris Landing

This is a Harris Hawk on a great day out with my NOPS buddies all about photographing birds of prey, I was lucky enough to hold this particular bird and have it fly from and land on my hand.

Eye on the prize

Harris Hawk focused on some turkey his handler is holding.